Saturday, 11 July 2020

Wellingtron was Dr Versuvs and Chocolate Rocket armed with a guitar, sci-fi synthesiser and evil technology in sunny Berhampore, Wellington, New Zealand. The concept – write and record a song a day for 10 days, then release the album. They did this for two albums – Thermostat Belief Connection and Three-Fingered Salute. How would you describe the music? Let Wellington's most notoriously honest reviewer Simon Sweetman continue with this insightful summation: "It’s a nice concept, perfectly realised. Avant-garde ideas meet with blatant old-school rock. Sci-fi and space-age textures are created on vintage 1970s equipment. Prog-rock fights against elements of techno. Free jazz fights for space inside square rock riffs. I'd recommend it."

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